Friday, 19th May 2023

Between 4-6 pm Check in and welcome drink 

6-7 pm New Moon ceremony

7 pm Dinner

Saturday, 20th May 2023

7-8 am Shamanic yoga in the garden or inside in case of rain

(no experience required) 

8 am  Breakfast

9.30 am Ikigai sessions

12.30 Lunch 

2.15 pm  Departure to the Japanese Garden (10 min by minivan)  

2.30-5 pm Forest Bathing rituals and meditation in the gardens and return 

7 pm Dinner

8.30 pm candlelight meditation

Sunday 21st May 2023

7-8 am Shamanic yoga 

8 am  Breakfast

9.30 am  the importance of cultivating habits and rituals

12.30-3pm  Cooking class and lunch 

3-7 pm

a) free time and relax 

b) optional departure if you need to work on Monday

Dedicated individual sessions with supplement

c) 1-1 shamanic healing sessions (max 1 person ) 

d) extra cooking class

e) 1-1 esoteric numerology chart reading (max 1 person) 

7 pm  Dinner

8.30 pm Meditation 

Monday 22nd May 2023

7-8 am  optional shamanic yoga 

8 am breakfast

9.30am check out 

Earlier breakfast available for earlier departures

Benefits of our Retreat

Who is shamanic yoga suitable for?

It is for everyone, especially at this time when there is a strong call from nature to make a transformation. Shamanic yoga can help you to make this transit.

In a complex world, full of conditioning and contradictions, it can be difficult to find the right path to full personal fulfillment. To find it, you need to stop, look inside yourself, and understand what is really important to feel good and what is of value to you.

Ask yourself the following questions to attend this retreat:

*What motivates you to get up in the morning with enthusiasm?

*What gives you energy?

*What blocks your path and precludes the possibility of achieving your goals?

The Ikigai part of our retreat will teach you that all the possibilities of your existence are already within you, you just have to discover them. Becoming does not happen in time: it is the discovery of what you are. Being is a question of knowing who you are, of self-knowledge, a knowledge of the heart. You become what you are to the extent that you love what you are. Life is a symbol, a metaphor. The need to achieve high results in any field is related to the strength with which you love yourself and life.

What you want to achieve is fullness of being. On this path your daimon sometimes takes something away from you to allow you to be able to aspire, to want and to love even more. Ikigai is also about the ability to live in the flow of abundance. Eudaimonia, for the ancients, was also about, among other aspects of happiness, being financially free and comfortable.

Shamanic yoga is the result of the encounter between yoga and the shamanic tradition. It is an ancestral, sacral practice, a form of practical psychology that aims to re-establish order within the body, freeing it from attachments, traumas, prejudices and lived histories that constitute an unconscious limitation. It is a vital act in which the real is reabsorbed, one’s own projections and illusions are withdrawn, in order to re-programme reality in total harmony with the cosmos. Through ritual, imaginal dialogue and the evocative word, we make peace with the disturbed images of our lives.

How does a shamanic yoga practice take place?

You enter the imaginal forest by working on the breath, imitating the movement of animals with fluid flows, you awaken talents that we have in our bodies and that we have removed. This identification with animals is stronger than in Hatha yoga practice. In shamanic yoga, the Son Experience, energetic, corporeal, and the Mother Experience, visionary, symbolic-imaginary, are always present. Through these experiences one enters the space of ecstasy, between the conscious and the unconscious, between the visible and the invisible. In a shamanic yoga session we start with the fire breath that gives the sensation of walking while standing still. Then we go into the imaginary forest through asanas and deep breathing until we find the best friend tree, a place of peace where the teacher starts the narration and brings out the mental story that is affected by personal life experience. The shaman through very evocative words and mantras manages to free one from preconceptions.

How do you get to the state of ecstasy?

It is very easy to get there, you have to drop all effort. Supreme conduct is effortlessness, you connect to the pleasure of breathing, of giving yourself. Shamanic yoga is a sacred path that makes use of beauty, it is an experience of love that is exactly at the opposite pole of psychotherapy, which, on the other hand, takes the form of an attempt to exercise man’s power over nature.